Combining Tailor Made Price Intelligence Services with the Power of AI.

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Enabling better decision making through price data gathering software and services.

PriceIntelGuru is a dedicated Price Intelligence brand of Meglyn Technologies. We are a software development and service provider with a proven track-record in providing intelligent data extraction solutions, built to help grow your business.

Experienced Web Extraction Experts Dedicated to Growing your Business

Experience across multiple technologies and collectively offers a variety of service and product options.

At present, our portfolio of solutions and services mainly covers Custom Data Extraction and Pricing Intelligence, being served by our brands WebDataGuru and PriceIntelGuru respectively.

Our solutions leverage cutting edge technology, flexibility, and scalability to help meet complex web data needs of our customers, optimizing delivery time and minimizing cost.

We have solved real life business problems just like our customers and therefore can put ourselves in their shoes!

Leadership Team

Ronak Shah

Director and Co-Founder

Barry Simpson

Director and Co-Founder

Maulik Jyotishi

Director and Co-Founder

Why Us

Why Choose PriceIntelGuru


Product Matching

  • Match your products across your competitors – Exact products as well as similar and cross reference products.
  • Proprietary Product Matching technology which utilizes many aspects to pin-point exact matches - Title Similarity, Image Similarity, Common Identifiers, Common Attributes, Price Outliers
  • Match your private label against equivalent private label of your competitor.


Deep Customization with Granular Insights

  • Completely customizable - Add the exact dashboard widgets and reports you desire
  • Price Comparison of all products across all competitors from various angles - Regular Price, Discounted Price, Category, Brand, Product Type, Volatility or any other required criteria
  • Personalized Dashboards & Access Control: User specific dashboard and access to reports


Data Extraction at Scale

Unprecedented scale and volume - track millions of skus across hundreds of websites, track entire catalogue of target websites and not just few products

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