Marketplace Monitoring

Track competitors’ strategies in multiple marketplaces

From Amazon to eBay, Walmart to Etsy; Monitor your competitors’ pricing strategies across different marketplaces so you can Optimize yours.

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Drive your business to the top by optimizing your strategies to improve visibility

Comprehensive competitor data across multiple platforms

Gain a competitive edge in the e-commerce space with our Marketplace Monitoring software. Track your competitors on the key metrics that make all the difference for business success, and design an optimal pricing strategy to help you drive sales!

Real-time price tracking on the whole marketplace

Monitor competitor prices to stay ahead  - it's essential to keep track of how your products are priced compared to those in the marketplace. React quickly and act strategically, so you can remain competitive with excellent pricing for customers.

Track stock availability and competitor shipping costs

Track your competition's stock availability and shipping costs to make better decisions about your pricing - after all, high cost of delivery could be enough for shoppers to look elsewhere! To stay competitive in today’s market, balancing affordability and convenience is key.

Detect new and map existing competitors across the whole market

Our mapping feature allows you to map existing competitors so you can price competitively and stay ahead. Keep an eye out for the competition with real-time notifications to stay updated on emerging businesses in your industry.


Why leading business are using PriceIntelGuru

Make Better Informed Decisions

Price better with real-time, up-to-date and accurate data.

Tremendous Scalability & Volume

Track millions of skus across hundreds of websites.

Streamline your Processes

Saves hours of manual effort and time and increase your profitability

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