Product Intelligence

Keep track of your products to ensure availability

With PriceIntelGuru, you can keep your online store's inventory updated and reliable. Our AI algorithms make sure customers have access to accurate product information so they never miss an opportunity to purchase what they need!

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Offer uninterrupted access to your products and confidently grow your business

Keep your inventory up-to-date and accurate everyday

Stay up to date on inventory levels with real-time monitoring. Utilize data gathered from daily changes in stock to create accurate projections for sales and online presence.

Ensure optimal stock levels and avoid excess stock

Make sure your top-sellers are always in stock, and that you don't have too many of the products that aren’t selling. Having insight into inventory turnover times, launches, sales trends as well as competitors' stocks can help avoid costly losses due to overstocking or running out of essential items.

Lower product inventory costs and improve profit margins

Our product matching technology helps reduce inventory costs by identifying and eliminating duplicated and unnecessary item records, making it easier for businesses to track parts for storage and logistics.

Get real-time low inventory notifications

Unlock the power of proactive restocking! Receive alerts and notifications when inventory is running low to prevent lost sales. Get a unified view of your stock across multiple online platforms, allowing you to easily divert excess items from one channel to another where it's needed most. Optimize your stock levels quickly with these timely insights - never miss out on potential profits again!


Why leading business are using PriceIntelGuru

Make Better Informed Decisions

Price better with real-time, up-to-date and accurate data.

Tremendous Scalability & Volume

Track millions of skus across hundreds of websites.

Streamline your Processes

Saves hours of manual effort and time and increase your profitability

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