Compliance Monitoring

Protect your brand’s reputation and profitability

Gain total visibility and control over price fluctuations and be alerted immediately if there are any suspicious activities from third-party sellers.

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Protecting what matters most: Your brand's reputation and bottom line profits

Uphold your reputation with complete visibility of third party sellers

PriceIntelGuru helps you keep track of what is happening on direct sites as well as 3rd party marketplaces, so that you can identify any violations swiftly - protecting your brand's reputation and your profit margins.

Identify and enforce third party violators and counterfeit sellers

Identify and penalize violators of your minimum advertised price policies. We help you keep tabs on third party sellers who commit pricing violations, sell counterfeit goods, or complete other transaction which could be deemed “high risk.” PriceIntelGuru gives you the ability to act quickly to repair broken MAP policies and minimize lost revenue and reputational damage.

Protect and grow your profit margins

Create an equal playing field and focus on growing your sales opportunities instead of worrying about price inaccuracies. Identify high-risk sellers in order to be sure pricing is consistent, and seek out counterfeit sellers to reduce lost revenue due to illegal product sales.

Challenge violators immediately with real-time notifications

Quickly and accurately identify multiple price violations at a global level. Real-time email notifications make compliance monitoring extremely easy and violators can be challenged instantly - saving you time and potential lost revenue.


Why leading business are using PriceIntelGuru

Make Better Informed Decisions

Price better with real-time, up-to-date and accurate data.

Tremendous Scalability & Volume

Track millions of skus across hundreds of websites.

Streamline your Processes

Saves hours of manual effort and time and increase your profitability

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