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Spot market trends, build product databases and optimize your pricing

An essential tool for retail and e-commerce businesses seeking to maximize profitability. By collecting price data from competitors and third-party platforms, our software gives you a wealth of insights, enabling you to dynamically adjust your prices in order to remain competitive. As well as price optimization, price intelligence provides businesses with invaluable customer analytics that can be used to understand customer behavior, pricing preferences and price sensitivity. By leveraging our price intelligence technology, you’ll unlock data-driven insights into market trends and competition pricing strategies, helping you outperform the competition


Create a more powerful strategy that drives better sales

Our software provides a massive benefit to the automobile industry by providing valuable insights into competitor price changes, enabling you to effectively price your product and services. This helps you differentiate your business in a crowded marketplace and maintain a competitive edge by accurately assessing price fluctuations. Our software enables enterprises to remain up-to-date on market pricing trends so that you can respond swiftly to competitor price movements. Perform competitor website monitoring to gain an understanding of your competition’s online strategies and price structures and access to insightful data on price dynamics and other key metrics. 

Industrial Supply

Quick and easy transition from offline to online sales

PriceIntelGuru is an invaluable tool for those supplying industrial parts across a range of markets. By providing price data from a wide variety of sources, our software gives suppliers the knowledge they need to stay competitive and profitable. Price intelligence not only gives you the current market price for industrial parts, but also key price trends over time so that you can make informed decisions on pricing strategies and maximize your potential profits.


Better understand the cost of materials and parts to optimize your pricing strategy

Price intelligence software is a great tool for manufacturers to make sure they're price-competitive by providing access to data on price movements and fluctuations of materials and parts. By implementing price intelligence software, you can have real-time insight into price changes of the materials and parts needed to produce your products - allowing you to optimize your pricing strategy accordingly. With price intelligence technology, you can identify savings opportunities and quickly adjust prices without sacrificing your profit margin.

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