Grow Your Brand with Competitive Intelligence.

Use our AI-powered, data-driven solution to increase profitability and make faster, more accurate decisions.

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Trusted By 50+ Global Brands

Become a Market Expert, Optimize Your Pricing Strategy and Protect Your Brand’s Integrity.

Our AI-enabled product intelligence and compliance monitoring solutions provides the data you need to get an edge on your competition.

Product Intelligence

Better Understanding the Market and Your Competitor’s Products.

Analyze your competitors’ catalog to find the best-selling items that you don’t have. Filter the result by brand and categories to find relevant items that you can add to your site.

Compliance Monitoring

Take Control of Your Brand Down to the Last Detail.

Supervise all distributors across thousands of eCommerce sites and marketplaces to ensure every minute detail of the product description is accurate and up-to-date.

business Intelligence & analytics

Know Your Competitors and Plan Your Next Move.

Know how your store is performing against your competitors. Identify what drives sales in their stores and create a better strategy to attract more customers.

offline price info

Expand Your Reach and Compete with Offline Stores.

Check price, stock and promotions of brick & mortar shops in any area to better optimize your product’s pricing strategy and give your business a better competitive advantage.

Data Delivered The Way You Need It

Our highly customised data delivery is designed to give you the data you need, tailored specifically for your business.



Our flexible Data-as-a-Service model provides your data in any file format, delivered through your desired method.



All your data in one place; analyze your data and easily create reports on our easy-to-use platform.


Plug & Play Access

Seamlessly gather and integrate pricing data with your system via API.

What Our Clients are Saying

“We have worked previously with several companies that offer Data-as-a-service and WebDataGuru has by far been the most professional one. Also, one of the prime challenges we faced with previous service providers was obtaining information on a real-time basis. WebDataGuru resolved this issue for us with ease. They are extremely proficient and offer personalized service for each client. After partnering with WebDataGuru, we are now able to enjoy great savings through smart pricing strategies.”

Product Manager

A global leader in the auto parts distribution, Washington, USA

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